What is Vision Yoga ?
  • Vision Yoga is a holistic life style to improve your vision. It includes eye exercises, eye massage, acupressure, diet and Proper use of eyes.
When was Vision Yoga established ?
  • Vision Yoga was started in 1997 by Viram Agrawal with the vision ‘Better Eyesight at Any Age’
How many people have been benefited by these exercises ?
  • More than 18000 plus people have been benefitted from Vision Yoga through exercises, workshops and lectures all over the globe.
What results can I expect ?
  • You can expect very good results. Our experience of so many years shows that the results depend on the intensity of the problem, your body constitution and the rigor with which you do the exercises as well as follow our instructions. The results that we have experienced till date are between 0.50 to 3.50 numbers reducing during the course.
What is the duration of the course ?
  • The course can be of 1 day to 4 weeks depending on eye problem. The duration of the course will be suggested by us after studying your case. You will have to come to the Vision Yoga centre for one hour daily.
Do I have to discard wearing specs during the course ?
  • No. We do encourage you to reduce the dependence on specs, but we do not ask you to discard the use of specs completely.
Do I have to continue these exercises for my life time ?
  • We recommend that you do the exercises for 20 minutes every day. It’s just like brushing your teeth, you are never worried about it, and it’s become automatic for you. We will teach you how to put these exercises into your day to day life, so that you can do one exercise while having tea, another while having a bath, another while travelling and so on.
Do I have to go for regular check up ?
  • It is recommended that you check the power of your glasses once in 3 months. We will train you to check your vision at home.
How does Vision Yoga work ?
  • The Vision Yoga exercises work on the different parts of the eye, the voluntary and involuntary muscles to give miraculous results.
What are the timings of the centre ?
  • We are open from 7.30am to 7.30pm and we have a batch starting every half hour. You can choose your time depending on the availability of the slot.
Can the number which has reduced come back ?
  • Your eyeball is a jelly like ball and it is changing shape all the time. You need to do the exercises and use your eyes correctly to maintain your reduced number. Most participants are able to retain the reduced number.
Can I teach these exercises to my friends and relatives ?
  • No, the exercises given to you are chosen after studying your eye disorder, your age, your work etc. The exercises are not common for all except one or two exercises like palming and sun treatment, so it is recommended that you do not teach these exercises to others.
Is there any restriction on the age of the participant ?
  • We have children from the age of 4 years to senior citizens joining the course. Our oldest participant who has benefited from Vision Yoga is 92 years old.
Are there any medicines prescribed ?
  • Vision Yoga does not involve any medication or eye surgery. It only consists of eye exercises, eye massage and acupressure.
Do you have any centres ?
  • At the moment we have centers at Vile Parle and Ghatkopar. We also conduct camps all over India and the world. You may invite us to conduct a camp.
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