Some Facts
As per world health bodies like WHO, AOA, OSHA
  • 90% of all Americans will eventually wear glasses.
  • 70% Indians run into some kind of eye trouble in their life.
  • 80% to 90% of people who use computers or television for more than 2 hours daily suffer from CVS and TVS.
  • 40% of school children in metros have vision problems.

We helplessly allow our vision to deteriorate thinking that once there is an eye problem it is an irreversible condition.


You can preserve as well as improve your eyesight with Vision Yoga.

The very first mention of Natural Vision Improvement is found in the Chakshushopnishad and Netra Dwayam. Ancient Indian texts, dedicated to healthy vision.

Vision Yoga is a unique synthesis of the western research and analysis with the eastern methods of natural vision improvement.