Eye Disorders

Presbyopia (+ number or reading glasses)

Presbyopia is a condition associated with aging in which the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects. Research evidence most strongly supports a loss of elasticity of the lens, although changes in the lens’s curvature from continual growth and loss of power of the ciliary muscles (the muscles that bend and straighten the lens) have also been postulated as its cause.

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Rachana Mishra (teacher)
Pawanhans Colony, Santacruz (w), Mumbai.
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Srikant Maddineni
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Dimle Kapur
Srikant Maddineni
thank You For Helping Me! My Number. I Will Deeply-deeply Thanks You When I Really Grow Out Of Glasses. doing Exercise Was Very Relaxing To The Eyes And It Was Like Revisiting My Childhood. The Technical Help Was Good, It Could Be Better, Rather Encouraging Since The Exercises Are Monotonous. overall A Good Experience.
Dr. Gayatri Patel, MD
Vile Parle East
Srikant Maddineni
This Therapy Is Good And I Wish I Had Known Earlier. I Am Writing Without Using Specs. If Done Regularly It Can Give Better Results. This Therapy Should Be Taught To The School Children, As There Are Lots Of Small Kids Are Having Eye Problem. I Thank Vision Yoga Dr. Agarwal & Entire Staff To Practise & For Teaching This Alternative Therapy.